IrisXR ® by Pan American Industries

Ultrasonic Tube Inspection Systems
IrisXR Applications

Real-Time Inspections

Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Risers, Shafts, Pipelines.


IrisXR is used in these industries:

  • Petroleum Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paper Industry
  • Electrical Utilities
  • Waste Source Recovery
  • Food Industry
  • Marine Industry
  • Mining Industry
  • Water Utility


Easy to use Interface

Intuitive modern layout


Guided Setup

Easy to follow setup wizard to create new projects in seconds.


Real-Time B-Scan & C-Scan

C-Scan can be turned off at any time.



3D Thickness Scan

Visualizer to display C-Scan in 3D with navigation controls.


Tube Map Editor

Easy to use for rapid design of tube map to be used in project.


Report Generator

Fast and customizable report generator that can print or save in PDF/XPS.



Export Data

Export data tables to Excel, CVS, TXT.



Auto-Labeling feature allows fast creation of new tubes in a sequential form.


Real-Time Indication Flagging

You can mark indications on tube while inspecting or at review time with a single key.



Power AC 110V-240V 50/60Hz
Built-in UPS - 4 hour battery run time
Rugged Alloy Construction
Light Weight (10.5 lbs)
High Speed USB connection
OS Windows 7 or 8 64bit
Dimensions 16.6in x 12in x 2.5in
BNC Coaxial Connector
EW1 D-Sub Encoder Connector
Fan-less Operation
12,000 pulses per second*
700V High Voltage Pulser
3Mhz - 25Mhz Transducers

* Maximum Absolute Ratings


Diameter Range

IrisXR features an extended range in diameters including:

Standard Diameters (0.360" - 6")

Diameters: 0.360" - 6", Length: 100ft. [ 9.15mm - 153mm Length 30m ]

Extended Diameters (6" - 12")

Diameters: 6" - 12", Length: 2000ft. [ 153mm - 306mm Length 600m ]

Large Diameter Tools (Up to 40")

Diameters: Up to 40", Length: 5000ft. [ Up to 1m Length 1500m ]

Downhole Tool

6"-14" Battery Driven, Tethered

Risers, Mine Shafts, Other Piping

4" Centering Unit

2.75"-4" Water Driven

Boiler Downcomers

Small Centering Unit

0.65"-1" Water Driven

Fin Fans, Heat Echangers

Large Centering Unit

1.4"-3" Water Driven

Boilers, Generating Banks


Pigging Job

Sales - Inspections - Rentals - Repairs

Pan American offers new equipment sales for IrisXR electronics and hardware.
Rental systems and probes / hardware is also available.
Pan American also provides services of IRIS inspection.
For Large diameter pipes and long run inspections using extended range tools and pigs, Pan American supplies both equipment and operating technicians. Currently, real-time inspections for up to 2000ft in diameters up to 12" and IRISPig inspections up to 44" and 3 miles in length available.